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Main South Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) Grant

What is the Main South BCJI Project?

It is a resident-driven initiative to reduce violence, increase positive programs in the area, and build a stronger and healthier community for all our families.

Who are the project partners?

The Main South CDC is the grantee. The Boys and Girls Club, Worcester Police Department, and Clark University are additional project partners.

What are our current efforts?

  • Improving neighborhood appearance
  • Programming at University (Crystal) Park
  • Main South Youth Corps: 27 week program focused on job readiness, leadership skills, and neighborhood stewardship
  • Youth Outreach Workers (building relationships with youth in our neighborhood)
  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • Youth-police dialogues
  • Increased WPD presence in target area

Why take these particular steps?

When neighborhood residents feel safe and able to use public spaces, and when youth have access to recreation and resources for fun and success, it creates a positive environment where youth, gang violence, and crime are reduced.

Please contact Casey Starr at the Main South CDC at 508-752-6181 or with any questions about this project.