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The UPNRP is an ambitious and innovative partnership between Clark University, the Main South CDC, the City of Worcester, and local residents and businesses in the Main South area. The partnership focuses on five key elements of development in the Main South area which include:

* Public Safety

* Economic Development

* Physical Rehabilitation

* Social/Recreational Development

* Educational Opportunities

The UPNRP Program Vision

The vision of the University Park Neighborhood Restoration Partnership program is to address the many needs of the community that are fundamental to its vitality and well being. Through a comprehensive, collaborative approach to neighborhood revitalization, the UPNRP program realizes its vision by focusing on the program’s development, creation and implementation.

The Main South CDC Mission

The Main South Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was incorporated in 1986. It evolved as a result of neighborhood residents’ concerns about the evident decline in the neighborhood and the increasing shortage of affordable housing.

The Mission of the Main South CDC is to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors by working together on projects and issues that will maintain or create safe affordable housing, support economic opportunities for business and residents of Main South, enhance the physical image of the area, and instill a sense of neighborhood pride and commitment.


Public Safety

Public safety creates a level of security and comfort throughout the Main South neighborhood. Efforts to enhance security include:

* The Neighborhood Alert Center

* Support of local crime watch groups.

* Increased number of Clark University police officers patrolling the target area.

* Promotion of safe, clean and healthy public places through inspections and clean up initiatives.

* The provision of two additional Worcester police officers on foot patrol.

Economic Development

Economic development incorporates a strategy for simulating economic growth and opportunity within the specific target area of Main South . Our main focus is on the following economic development programs:

* Small Business & Home Improvement Loans.

* First Time Home Buyer Program.

* The Main South Education Employment and Computer Training Center.

* The development of the center for Community Revitalization, which will offer community meeting /training rooms and the community policing center.

* Down payment Assistance.



Housing & Physical Rehabilitation

The UPNRP focuses on reclaiming and restoring distressed properties in the University Park neighborhood for the purpose of creating affordable home ownership and rental opportunities. Specific areas addressed include:

* Rehabilitation of distressed commercial and residential properties.

* Creation of affordable and safe apartment rentals in newly renovated buildings

* A Clark Faculty/Staff Home Ownership Incentive Program.

* Improvement of public lighting, redirection of traffic and creation of more recreational space for residents.

Social & Recreational Development

Develops adequate social and recreational activities for local youth which include:

* Access to Clark University athletic fields.

* Weekend and after-school sports programs (i.e., basketball & softball)

* Arts and crafts youth programs.

* Annual Main South Summer Neighborhood Festival.

* Clark University Summer Camp.



Educational Opportunities

Provides quality educational opportunities within the University target area. Programs include:

* Free tuition to Clark University to qualified students living in the University Park area for at least five years.

* The University Park Campus School was established as a collaborative neighborhood “Advanced Learning School” for grades 7-12 that provides unmatched educational opportunities to young people and their families.

* Two, three-week summer camp sessions for over 90 neighborhood youth ages 9-12, at no charge.