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Clark University work study student Rachel Cockrill assisting Woodland Academy student

The Main South CDC is proud to announce that it is providing Woodland Academy with 70 electronic reading devices (20 Nooks and 50 Kindles) as part of a collaborative initiative to promote early childhood reading.  A summer “Virtual Reading Room” will be temporarily established at the Main South CDC office to assist youth in the program.


The Main South CDC Virtual Reading Room will facilitate summer reading for Woodland Academy Students through a modern approach to reading.  Pre-selected students at Woodland Academy will be temporarily gifted either a Nook or a Kindle (depending on age and reading level) and will work with the Main South CDC’s Reading Room Coordinator to download WPS suggested books onto their devices.  The Virtual Reading Room will be open Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 12:00-3:00PM for students to download E-books, receive help with their devices, and engage with the Reading Room Coordinator about the books.


Steve Teasdale, Executive Director of the Main South CDC, commented, “The Main South CDC is excited to partner with Woodland Academy on this worthy initiative.  The importance of early-age reading is clearly a critical component of academic success.  This has become glaringly apparent to those of us who have worked for the last eighteen months on the Main South Promise Neighborhood Partnership.”


The kick-off event for this innovative program is on Monday, June 18th, at 1:00PM at Woodland Academy, 93 Woodland Street, where ten students will receive their electronic reading devices for the summer.  Speakers include Principal Padilla of the Woodland Academy, Steve Teasdale of the Main South CDC, Jack Foley of the school committee, and City Councilor Sarai Rivera.  Each device will be pre-loaded with one grade-appropriate book for the individual student, and these students will be taught how to utilize their machines.  The additional 60 students will all receive their devices at the Main South CDC Virtual Reading Room within two weeks.


If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact Casey Starr at the Main South CDC at, 508-752-6181, or 774-262-5990.