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The Main South CDC Workforce Development center is currently not providing job placement assistance. For help with your resume or other job search needs, please contact our partner Workforce Central.Workforce Central MA. The Education and Employment Center will resume starting in the Fall of 2016.

We are also currently accepting applications for our computer skills class for English and Spanish. Our classes cover the most basic computer skills from turning on the computer to typing in Microsoft Word. For more information please contact Yary Jaen at 508-752-6181.

The Workforce Development Training Center is located on the second floor of the Main South CDC’s Center for Community Revitalization. The purpose of the Center is to improve the Main South community’s economic capacity by utilizing strategies that increase employment and income, provide greater access to capital, and increase public services to local residents and businesses. Programs offered by the Center include:

* Education and Employment Training: Workshops designed around the needs of the community will begin in September. Workshop topics include computer training (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Internet), resume writing, interviewing skills, time and stress management, finance, parenting and health.

* Employment Opportunity Database: The Employment Opportunity Database is designed to assist Main South residents who are seeking employment. Local and regional employment opportunities are updated regularly. Individuals interested in finding a job may simply stop by and browse through the listings or arrange an individual appointment for job placement and resume writing.

Employment and Unemployment According to the 2000 United States Census:
Census Tract #7312.01:

May Street to Railroad Tracks (Parallel to Cambridge Street) to Mill Street to Park Avenue

Total Population 16 and over: 5,968

Number of People Percent Total
People 16 and over in labor force 3,430 57.5%
People 16 and over not in labor force 2,538 42.5%

Census Tract # 7313
Crystal Street to Main Street to Hermon Street to Cambridge Street

Total Population 16 and over: 2,605

Number of People Percent Total
People 16 and over in labor force 1,384 53.1%
People 16 and over not in labor force 1,221 46.9%


Computer Classes
In an effort to further expand the Main South resident workforce skill base, the Main South CDC implemented a computer lab in 2002 to offer adult evening classes. In the past six years, approximately 500 individuals have completed a basic computer course at the Main South CDC, including fourteen who completed the course this fall. Another cycle of classes is scheduled to start in Fall 2016. The Main South CDC operates this computer training class with the assistance of a Clark University work-study student who is hired as the Instructor to teach the class in English and Spanish. The Basic I and II computer classes offer guidance in most Microsoft Office programs, mainly Microsoft Word, and teach basic internet skills. The class incorporates students of all levels regardless of previous computing experience. Classes run for six weeks at a time meeting once and a week, ending in a cumulative exam that measures the instructor’s competency for teaching and how much information the students have retained. These classes have become an integral component of the Main South CDC’s Workforce Development Training Center, providing members of the community with vital skills to live and work in such a technologically driven era.


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