Main South Neighborhood & Community

Meet Main South – a vibrant, diverse, dense, walkable, mixed-use, inner-city neighborhood in Worcester, MA.

The Main South neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts, is located between the Downtown and the Webster Square districts. It is a vibrant, diverse, dense, walkable, mixed-use, inner-city neighborhood. It represents an important connector geographically in the city and has a long and proud history. Splendid Victorian structures coexist with traditional three deckers that were built to house the workforce once employed in the former industrial facilities on the eastern and southern perimeters.

MSCDC Target Area Map

While the Main South neighborhood is defined by blocks on a map,it is truly the people that define Main South. Families have settled here over several generations, while others are just arriving. Students from around the globe attend our early education and care programs, public schools, and higher education institutions. A diverse community of small business entrepreneurs contribute to a vibrant, active, bustling Main Street. Many non-profit organizations located in Main South provide services to the entire city. Main South is home to a devoted community of homeowners; several of whom have been inspired to civic leadership with hopes of improving the neighborhood and the city for everyone. All of these constituents have a role in making Main South the vibrant and diverse community it is.

Through the efforts of the Main South Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) Partnership, the Main South neighborhood received its very own website! Named “Meet Main South,” the website features videos of a couple of Main South’s community leaders, as well as local resources, neighborhood news, and Main South businesses. “Meet Main South” gives a space for community members to have a platform to exhibit their work in the neighborhood, and shine a spotlight on what makes Main South what it is today. Check out to learn more about our beautiful community.