Public Space Activation & Placemaking

The Main South CDC is committed to doing its part to ensure our neighborhood’s public spaces are safe and family-friendly.

An important way to keep our Main South neighborhood safe and fun is to activate public spaces with positive, family-friendly activity. This increases the neighborhood’s perception of safety, helps create community ownership of public spaces, and builds relationships amongst neighbors.

Increasingly over the past five years the Main South CDC has worked with community members to “take back” places with poor perceptions of safety and activate them with free and family-friendly positive activity. The work in University Park (AKA Crystal Park) over the past few years has been especially successful and included one-time events such as mural paintings and outdoor movies, and ongoing programs or activities such as exercise classes, children’s playgroups, and concert series. With an emphasis on neighborhood parks and vacant lots, the Main South CDC has been able to successfully reclaim spaces that create engaging community spaces for the Main South neighborhood. As an organization we make it a point to conduct programming to encourage engagement and fun in the community.

In order to stay up to date on any events or programs that are being hosted in the future, follow the Main South CDC on instagram @ main_south_cdc and facebook @ mainsouthcdc. Flyers and details will be posted about upcoming events and community engagement opportunities.