Worcester Free Tax Initiative

We provide Main South families and individuals with tax preparation resources

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA): No Fee Tax Preparation Resources

The Worcester EITC Coalition aims to educate families and individuals in low-income communities of the tax credits available to them and to provide tax preparation services to them free of charge through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. The VITA program relies on IRS-certified volunteers to prepare taxes for incoming clients. One of the goals of the VITA program is to help taxpayers receive all of the tax credits they may be eligible for, including the EITC. There are currently four VITA sites within the city of Worcester, one of which is the Main South CDC. The Main South CDC joined the Worcester EITC Coalition in 2007 in order to address the need in Main South.

All VITA clients at the Main South CDC are also offered a free financial literacy workshop as part of the program. VITA clients at the other three sites within the Worcester EITC Coalition are also invited to attend. The financial literacy workshop consists of educating clients on credit and money management, helping to move those who attend towards self-sufficiency. Multiple workshops are offered throughout the course of the program.

As of the 2023 tax season, the Main South CDC has reopened our VITA program in person at our office. The 2023 VITA program has ended, but will be back during the 2024 Tax season. Tax services are by appointment only.