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875 Main Street Worcester, MA 01610
Phone Number: (508) 752-6181 | Fax Number: (508) 797-4514

The Main South CDC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was incorporated in 1986. It evolved as a result of neighborhood residents’ concerns about the evident decline in the neighborhood and the increasing shortage of affordable housing.

Main South CDC Mission Statement: The Main South CDC is a neighborhood- based and resident- governed organization that, through inclusive decision-making, seeks to create a neighborhood of opportunity for all and promote our core principles of racial equity and social justice. We advance our mission through the development and sustainability of quality affordable housing, the advancement of educational, economic, and recreational opportunities, and the creation of a safe, healthy, and blight free physical environment.

The Main South CDC Values a commitment to inclusivity and equity for all; collaborative partnership building; developing sustainable leadership through mentoring and coaching; consensus building; a commitment to embracing vibrant cultural diversity and the access to quality affordable housing for all.  

The Main South CDC Envisions a diverse, safe, inclusive, vibrant community where local residents live in quality affordable housing, earn livable wages, and access needed services, where business thrives and where collaborative partnerships with schools and universities provide a promising future for all. 


* Maintain and develop safe, decent and affordable housing with the intention of expanding rental and home ownership opportunities for current and future low-to-moderate income residents of the target area.
* Maintain and enhance the physical image of the neighborhood.
* Instill neighborhood pride and develop a social cohesiveness.
* Strive to seek representation from all segments of the Main South Community and increase awareness of the Main South CDC among residents, business people and organizations within and outside the target area.
* Operate the Corporation as a financially responsible and democratic organization.